Monday Letters: In honor of our unspoken heroes

Hey, penpal🌸,Oh, how I’ve missed writing to you. Who knew a week could be so long and so short. My apologies for missing out on last week’s letter. In between life projects and occasional sabotages, I found it difficult to summon the inspiration to write and breeze through my writer’s block. Anywaaayyyy… How are you? […]

Monday letters: To the brothers

Hiii, It’s June already. Wow, this year is really a marathon, isn’t it? I hope the new month has begun with good cheer and the best of occurrences for you. Remember our motto champ, it only gets better. There is this Kenyan podcast that I like that is called man… And when they have […]

Ginger Journal: The Ringlorn logophile

Have I ever mentioned before how much I love words… And yeah, there’s a word for that it’s called being a logophile: a lover of words. Although at this point, I am more of a word gobbler who is constantly hungry and aching for the solace of new words that are in reality old words….. […]

Ginger Journal: Growing Pains

In the naivety of my six-year-old mind, I thought my pre-school friends would be my forever friends. I imagined that one day we would grow up to be teachers like our parents or be Astronauts at NASA and doctors at the John Hopkins Hospital like the great Ben Carson. Well, of course, that did not […]